Bring Your Own Device Management

Business and IT models are rapidly changing it their philosophies and methodologies of functioning. Once, what was regarded as an impossibility, in organizations and businesses of every industry, has today becoming a norm. The BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, policy allows employees to use their personal mobile devices to access company systems and databases. At one time, deploying a large number of mobile devices across the company not only cost it a huge sum of money, but was also a logistical nightmare of procurement, maintenance and redundancy of these devices.

Today, BYOD has simplified the process, ensuring security walls to control access. BYOD also helps to increase productivity, protect data and retain talent within the company.

If you have not yet implemented a BYOD Policy, we, at Mobit, can assist you in doing so. Our experience and expertise in Enterprise Mobility Management Systems encompasses the facet of BYOD as one of the salient features of the EMMS solution.

We assist you to assess your requirement and work to deliver the solution, either as an off-the-shelf product or customized software specifically created to align with your organization and its systems, with scalability and requisite security.
Mobit helps you streamline your BYOD initiative
Mobit helps you to embrace BYOD in a simple and secure approach, which is based on enterprise mobility management and remote support technologies. Your customized solution by Mobit will allow your employees access to all their official applications and data on any mobile device. The solution will give your IT the ability to secure access with a uniform policy, compliance and effective control.

The Mobit BYOD solutions will allow you to:
  • Empower employees to conduct business with a certain level of autonomy, and freedom to choose their device to access business information.
  • Control and protect business data from theft or loss, via mandates of compliance, privacy, and risk management.
  • • Simplify apps, devices and data management, across any platform people choose including iOS, Android, Windows and Chrome-based devices

At Mobit, we have in-house intensive knowledge about all mobile operating platforms, workflows, mobile devices, applications, and enterprise databases. We have also got tremendous experience and expertise in legacy systems such as Oracle, SAP, CRM, PeopleSoft, ERP and more. The customized solution we develop for you will be unique to your organization with scalability and a high level of security at its core.

The EMS we develop for you will assist your business to seamlessly merge with evolving market trends, which will optimize business, enhance revenues and sustain a high level of productivity within the organization.

Benefits of BYOD

Though most organizations embrace BYOD because of its cost-reducing benefits, there are also benefits from deploying it

  • Productivity Improvement: It provides convenience of use to the employee on any device that they prefer to work with. Employees with fieldwork have the comfort of accessing emails, documents or data on their personal mobile devices while on the move.
  • Cost Reduction: The company saves on the cost of procuring and distributing mobile devices to all the staff. It also saves on maintenance and redundancy cost of the devices as and when they get out-dated.
  • Enhance Morale: Employees get a morale boost when they are able to access their company data on their mobile device. To the employee, this is a show of trust by the company in them. It leads to employee satisfaction, which results in better productivity and employee retention.