DTH Game Development

The desktop has been around since the advent of computers and it is slated to persist for a long time. Furthermore, the penetration of desktop or laptop computers amongst users is still the highest. Creating games for such a huge captive audience is a very lucrative proposition.
The gaming environment presented by desktop/laptops is unparalleled by any other device. Working on a much larger screen, the graphic detailing of the game are tremendously increased, delivering an enhanced experience to the user. A desktop game has the option of being downloaded or being played directly on the web. The mouse or keyboard can be used as the game controller. Accessories of the game, such as the joystick, can also be conveniently added.
Our team of experts in gaming technology enables us to crate games in the most complex 3D environments along with human-like movements for the characters, using the latest in Artificial Intelligence.
At Mobit we have a successful methodology of executing a game project:
  • We work with the client closely to develop and firm up the storyboard, without which there is no way a game can be designed.
  • Specifics on characters, their characterizations, the environment setting of the story and more such relevant and detailed information is sought and documented before development begins.
  • Tools used for developing the game are C++, Open GL, DirectX and XNA.
  • The completed game is tested for bugs and a beta version is released to ensure it works fine on all pc and laptops.
  • The game goes live and is monitored for bugs and real-time online corrections are made.
  • Begin work on the sequel to the game (if it has been successful) or begin the storyboard of a new game.
Our game development services include, but are not limited to, the following categories:
  • Action games
  • Adventure games
  • Sports games
  • Racing games
  • Strategy games
  • Shooting games
  • Puzzle games

  • Most DTH games are available free. The revenue model works on advertising and in app purchases.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of gamers that can play a game simultaneously. This creates communities for a game and an intense euphoria, which increases the addiction to the game.
  • The graphic and audio on a DTH game are far superior to that of a handheld mobile device.
  • All genre of games can be developed and executed for a desktop.