Email Marketing

Delivering specifically target messages to a large number of email recipients is another facet of online digital marketing strategy known as Bulk Email Marketing. This is a common practice and there are a large number of email-marketing solutions available off the shelf.
While it may sound simple, managing these bulk email campaigns and the recipient email ids is a tedious task. Those unfamiliar with managing conducting an email campaign tend to send the same email repeatedly to the same customer with adverse effects. Rather than entice the customer, repeated emails will aggravate them instead. Using the services of a digital marketing company will resolve your problems and help you deliver the strategy just as you desire.
Mobit provides you with a high-tech email marketing service tool along with the expertise of professionals that will assist you to manage the campaigns.
Bulk email campaigns have to be efficient and consistent if they are to produce results. The bulk email service tool must include the following salient features:
  • Email design must allow images along with the text
  • Should allow attachments to be included in the email
  • Spam check apps used prior to email delivery
  • Customization of emails
  • Formulate and manage customer groups
  • Deliver one million emails within 24 hours
  • Must have a scheduler
  • Track and report the Bounce rate
  • Track the unsubscribe rate
  • Report with analytics
  • Must work with all APIs

The email marketing service provided by Mobit has a number of benefits, of which some key benefits are listed below:
  • Can be conducted in-house
  • Requires minimum time to execute
  • Deliver emails en masse to large database of potential customers
  • Create separate email campaigns for separate databases
  • Swift promotion of the brand
  • Easy mode to promote products or services
  • Cost effective marketing
  • Target customers are identifiable

Email marketing tools usually have a comprehensive list of features and are customized to manage large databases with quick turnaround on email delivery. The tools are also scalable, dependent on the customer base that needs to be tapped and have the facility to schedule and execute marketing plans of large proportions. To competently manage this, the tools are required to have the following features:
  • Managing large contact databases
  • Managing multiple databases
  • Create multiple email campaigns
  • Mapping individual databases to specific email campaigns
  • Scheduling of emails
  • Creating email messages in text or HTML format and allowing images
  • Supervising subscriptions and cancellations
  • Spam verification
  • DIY as part of the advanced features
  • Handling of bounce back

The prime objectives of email marketing are popularizing the brand and visibility. It also is useful in connecting with new potential customers while working on retaining existing customers. It is extensively being seen that marketing departments of most organizations depend on email marketing to carry their information and communication to their existing customers, while also promoting new products, services or upgrades.
At Mobit we manage your campaign from the initiation of planning it, to copywriting, blueprinting, coding, managing contact lists, syndication, conversion optimization, monitoring and evaluation. The continued activity on email marketing is proof of its success in garnering new customers, retaining old ones and improving business through renewed sales and upgrades.
The most unique and welcome facet of deploying a bulk email marketing strategy is the flexible pattern of execution available to the company. The tool aligns to any permutation and combination of customer database with email campaign and schedule of deployment for whatever duration that you may require with as many repetitions of emails in stipulated interval of time/days.
All of these variables are pre-designed in the email tool to support the requirement for any business in any industry. The email tool comes in different packages of which some standard features are:
  • Services: The services included in the standard packages are email marketing software, bulk email servers, email campaigns, bulk mailing prerequisites, HTML email, bulk e-mailer, online email campaigns, social media campaigns, mailing groups, and newsletter templates.
  • Data Management: The security of data is extremely important and there are various methods that the tools employ to ensure secure data.
  • Deployment: Bulk email marketing service can be deployed in 3 different methods; online cloud oriented, internal office custom on-site, and internal office onsite with online
  • Installation: There are several installation methods dependent on the kind of product purchased. The differentiation is more applicable on customized products, while the pre-installed or email solutions have a standard installation.
  • Pricing: It can either be a one-time fee, or pay per usage, or introductory establishment cost along with pay per usage.

Mobit is committed to bring the best of its expertise in Email Marketing to support your business in its objectives of establishing your brand, promoting your product and services, and acquiring new customers while retaining the old ones.