Enterprise App Distribution

Creating apps and releasing them for the public domain on the various application stores, such as Apple store or Google store or more, is an acceptable practice. But what happens when you create an application specific to your enterprise and having access to your internal corporate data? With hacking being a rampant occurrence, there is immense need to secure data and not allow the application to be available on a public domain.

With more companies opting for mobile enterprise applications, there is a need to distribute enterprise applications to employees with maximum security. The employees can be empowered to function autonomously, while ensuring that the data of the company is not compromised in any way.
Mobit has developed numerous applications in the mobile space, giving us proficient knowledge to assess the different challenges that occur in customer applications and enterprise applications. Both these are drastically different and require to be managed differently. Besides the conventional method of distribution through multiple servers, our expertise allows us to also manage application distribution on the Cloud to leverage its elasticity and scalability as it has the ability to handle large workloads and applications.

Our intrinsic knowledge and hands on expertise in the mobile technological space enables a secure enterprise application distribution for you to drive your objectives and business goals.
Our enterprise application distribution works over all mobile operating platforms, delivering your application to Android, iOS, Windows and other mobile devices, and that too at the click of a single button. Our expertise and experience in small devices allows for the development of a distribution process that is not only extremely secure, but also cost effective.
The applications that are created by Mobit are user-friendly, innovative and cross-platform, with enterprises having the flexibility to distribute their applications. Our application is future-proof, having considered requirements of the customer and ongoing technological developments. Our platforms are continuously being upgraded to the latest technology and they include all new features that enter the mobile space. The seamless improvements give you and your users the best experience without a conscious awareness of change.
A conventional way of distributing enterprise apps is through email, the other is uploading them to the company’s internal servers. Both, however, are cumbersome and outdated methods. Using a third party distributor to manage enterprise application distribution has many benefits, some of the salient ones being:
  • Applications can be distributed, type and size of the application being no constraint.
  • The third part uses stringent security measures, making it is a more secure way to distribute enterprise applications.
  • Upgrading of applications is seamless and automatic, without any downtime.
  • Managing multiple enterprise applications by a third party professional company is easier as they specialize in the activity.
  • The cost of distribution is nominal, however the saving in time, effort and manpower is huge.

Besides the many minor advantages, the 4 major ones are:
  • Larger Customer Base: 700 million users of iPhone worldwide, and counting.
  • Higher Visibility: More users sharing application will improve its visibility
  • Increased Sales: Opportunity of sales improve due to the large customer base
  • Easily Customizable: Easily adapts to new OS upgrades, or evolving business needs. It can also integrate with other iPhone apps.

Avail of our expertise in iPhone app development and create an app that supplements your business, your brand and your revenue, while retaining customers and enhancing their experience.