Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Our lives have been transformed by Mobility. From the way we shop, bank or travel to the way we learn, work or entertain; all of this is being done on a mobile platform. This is the time for you to be with the mobile revolution. If you aren’t, ask yourself these three questions:
  • Are you geared up to face business activities from your ‘always-connected’ customers increasing exponentially?
  • Can your workforce improve productivity by being seamlessly connected to the company’s back-end systems?
  • If even one of these is in the negative, you need to have an Enterprise Mobility Strategy in place right away.
If even one of these is in the negative, you need to have an Enterprise Mobility Strategy in place right away.
EMS with Mobit
Mobit is an experience company in Enterprise Mobility Strategy (EMS) development and consultation. We work closely with large enterprises as well as SME and start-ups to help them shape their strategies and implement them seamlessly with enterprise-wide deployment and management.

We are partnered with vendors that provide key components of the EMS, such as Mobile Device management (MDM), Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), Mobile Data Analytics (MDA) and more.

Using our in-depth knowledge and collective years of expertise, we consult with you for the right EMS for your business and commensurate with your budget. You cannot wait to have the right financial situation and go for the top of the line EMS. Begin today and grow your EMS, strength by strength. The entire system is modular; but the strategy is cohesive.

Our experienced professionals will work closely with you to first understand your business, identify the gaps, and assess your situation. Then, aligned with your budget, we help you draw up a robust, scalable and secure plan to build and execute an Enterprise Mobility System. From here on there are 3 ways to have the EMS up and running. AS part of our services we can help you identify the right vendors for various requirements, or choose an open platform solution or develop a completely customized software solution specifically for your company.

At Mobit, we have in-house intensive knowledge about all mobile operating platforms, workflows, mobile devices, applications, and enterprise databases. We have also got tremendous experience and expertise in legacy systems such as Oracle, SAP, CRM, PeopleSoft, ERP and more. The customized solution we develop for you will be unique to your organization with scalability and a high level of security at its core.

The EMS we develop for you will assist your business to seamlessly merge with evolving market trends, which will optimize business, enhance revenues and sustain a high level of productivity within the organization.

Advantages of implementing an Enterprise Mobility Management Systems (EMMS)

  • Accessibility: Employees are directly connected to the business systems of the organization and can access data from anywhere at any time (depending on their assigned secure access levels) to maintain a smooth flow of business. An employee can carry out all business-critical functions at the time and place of their convenience, keeping them empowered and accountable to deliver business.
  • Data Accuracy: Now that employees will have direct access to the business systems there will be 100% accuracy in the data that they access with no margin for human error, which may be the case in data received by email or text
  • Device Sharing: One of the very helpful features of an EMMS is the sharing of a mobile device’s screen with colleagues or even customers. This reduces time taken to discuss, interact and arrive at business decisions.
  • Productivity: When an EMMS is designed it imbibes the processes of the business into its design to ensure that all business activities are conducted as per established processes. Using the EMS keeps employees adhered to business processes and therefore improving the overall productivity and efficiency of the process.
  • Cost Reduction: There are tangible and intangible benefits. The improvement of productivity and efficiency result in reduced costs for the company and is visible in the increased ROI of the business.
  • While start-ups and certain SMEs tend to lean on getting an off-the-shelf Enterprise Mobility Management System (EMMS), it is advisable to make the initial investment and build a customized EMMS that aligns with business objectives and sustainably supports the continued efforts to achieve goals, year-on-year.
  • At Mobit, we are engineered to support your initiative to embrace the Enterprise Mobility Strategy and we work with you every step of the way, providing guidance and expertise so that you may take the right decisions.