HTML5 Game Development

The latest in web programming, HTML5 is a language that gives incredible interactive capabilities and outstanding graphics. The phenomenal capabilities of development on HTML5, coupled with its cross-browser abilities have made HTML5 the new buzzword in the technology arena.
Though there is the inherent advantage that HTML5 runs on any device, it raises the complexity of creating the game. Tremendous expertise is required to develop the game keeping in mind its response to various input types and different screen sizes. Expertise is also required in choosing the right gaming engine from the many that are available in HTML5 to ensure the longevity of the game.
HTML5 provides a seamless platform for developing games is due to the powerful hyperlinks, which allows easy distribution across web and mobile devices.
Our technically proficient and experienced team is familiar with the expansive capabilities of HTML5 and its limitations on mobile device rendering. We assist you from the conceptualization stage to the final delivery of the game. With our vast experience in HTML5 we have an insight into selecting the apt framework for the game, along with the appropriate engine that will best render the game across all mobile handheld devices and desktops.

At Mobit we have a successful methodology of executing a game project:
  • We work with the client closely to develop and firm up the storyboard, without which there is no way a game can be designed.
  • Specifics on characters, their characterizations, the environment setting of the story and more such relevant and detailed information is sought and documented before development begins.
  • The completed game is tested for bugs and a beta version is released to ensure it works fine on all pc and laptops.
  • The game goes live and is monitored for bugs and real-time online corrections are made.
  • Begin work on the sequel to the game (if it has been successful) or begin the storyboard of a new game.
Our game development services include, but are not limited to, the following categories:
  • Adventure games
  • Racing games
  • Quiz and Puzzle games
  • Word Games
  • Arcade Games
  • Kid Games
  • Education games
  • Role Playing Games
  • Custom Games

  • It is cost effective, as it can be developed to run across multiple platform, its saves the cost of creating separate game formats for each platform.
  • Releasing the game on multiple platforms will open the opportunities to a higher ROI
  • Advertisement on HTML 5 based games has been made so simple that it is easy money depending on the number of adverts you can pull in.
  • HTML5 allows the game to be played directly from an HTML5-capable browser.