Ionic App Development

Ionic Application Development

Recognized as a powerful HTML5 SDK, Ionic helps build mobile applications with web technologies such as HTML, Javascript and CSS. Ionic focuses on the front end of the application, managing the User Interface and the look and feel of the application. Ionic doesn’t replace your app development framework like Javascript, but instead fits snuggly into mobile app project, taking over the important aspect of creating an outstanding front end and UI for the mobile app.
While it is not the backbone of the app, as it only manages the UI and front end, it is nevertheless just as important because the UI and frontend is what creates the maximum impact where customer experience (CX) is concerned.
While you can use the Ionic framwork with its CSS section, to get it to optimal performance it requires Angular JS. It is then that you will get amazingly powerful animations, gestures and UI interactions and much more.
At Mobit, we use the Ionic-HTML5/CSS/Javascript hybrid framework to create powerful hybrid apps for you that perform equally well on all mobile devices. Our expertise in the hybrid framework delivers apps with very high perfromace, on native platforms and the web, that are stunningly attractive and quite cost-effective.

We optimise the use of Ionic with HTML5, CSS and Angular JS to create an app that is the manifestation of your expectations. We leverage the best from all development platform to create apps that run on every mobile OS efficiently, with quick response and fluid usability.

At Mobit we have a team of developers that are capable of creating a host of different applications for various businesses and uses. Some of the prominent kinds of apps we develop, but not limited to, are:
  • Games
  • Social Media
  • Health
  • Multimedia
  • Music
  • Finance

As a process driven organization, we believe the structure of a process results in improved productivity and efficiency. There is a 7-step process we follow to ensure accurate and timely application development and deployment.
  • Understanding your organization, its business, application requirement, target audience and the objective of the application. All this information is documents to avoid ambiguity and loss of information.
  • A concept of the Ionic application, based on the inputs and specification received, is made. During this stage, applying our experience and expertise, we also include recommendations and raise flags on dubious requirements. This is to improve the project at the documentation stage itself. This is an attempt to avoid rework once the application is developed, which would be cost intensive and time consuming.
  • A discussion is conducted on the model to finally freeze on the requirements, specifications, timelines and milestones. All the information is documented and signed-off before commencing development. This puts both of us on the same page.
  • The actual Ionic application development commences and progress is monitored as per milestones and timelines. This is when the application is coded using the appropriate technologies, tools and strategies.
  • The test process is the most critical and stringent. This is to eliminate bugs in the application.
  • This is the launch phase after the Ionic application is ready and tested.
  • This is an extremely step and must never be taken. Monitor the usage of the application and receive feedback on its behaviour in a live environment. Critical feedbacks are incorporated immediately. Other improvement feedbacks are documented for the next version of the app.

Mobit brings you the best in technology, experience, expertise and design to develop your application for optimal business benefit. This 5-step process ensures precision work and delivery of very high quality.
The seamless integration of Ionic with other app development platforms such as Javascript, CSS and HTML brings a number of benefits for the client, some of which are:
  • Speed of development of projects allowing for a swift time-to-market, from the initiation of the project to completion.
  • Apps can be developed with a native experience with the various mobile operating systems because of its high compatibility.
  • It saves time because it is a common source for apps created on all operating platforms, which include iOS and Android.
  • Apps developed with Ionic for the front end makes them easy to understand and use for the end customer, improving usage, creating a stickness for the app, and growing loyal customers.
  • The compatible use of Ionic with Angular JS results in adding exceptional fucntions and features to the mobile app.
  • The attractive front end and easy UI increases the acceptance of the app and enhances growth in the user base, which augments your marketing efforts.