iPad Game Development

Over one-third of all applications downloaded to the iPad are from the gaming category. This isn’t surprising, considering the powerful graphics of the iPad and gaming popularity across the world today. Initially, the trend was to adapt iPhone apps for the iPad. However, with the iPad gaining popularity as a dedicated and powerful product of Apple, developers and user realized the need for native iPad gaming apps.
The iPad is undoubtedly the leader of the pack amongst mobile devices, in the gaming arena. The powerful graphic coupled with its processing capabilities and combined with the larger screen size, make it undeniably a preferred device for gaming.
Our Services
Games will have to be developed specifically for the iPad keeping in mind its processing dexterity and visual excellence. At the grass-root level, a game has to primarily be visually appealing and provide an engaging storyline, giving it the impetus to scale the popularity charts all the way to the top. At Mobit, we have mastered the art of engineering games to fulfill all 3 of these criteria and more. We document your idea and concept and then carry out a thorough assessment of the requirements. We then, with our extensive experience, assist you to incorporate improvements in terms of design and project scope, before beginning the actual development.

The Mobit iPad Games Development program offers:
  • Graphically rich and engaging games
  • Extensively functional game-play
  • Leverages the capabilities of the iPad to its maximum effect
  • Exceptional 2D & 3D graphic development
  • Multi-player and single-player games

Here are some of the different genres of games we develop:
  • Gaming Apps for Kids
  • Role Playing Gaming Apps
  • Puzzle & Quiz Gaming Apps
  • Racing Gaming Apps
  • Arcade Gaming Apps
  • Sports Gaming Apps
  • Casino Gaming Apps
  • Shooting Gaming Apps
  • Educational Gaming Apps

Advantages of Mobit

Mobit has had extensive experience in developing iPad games with great graphic capabilities. We also offer an engaging storyline and game-play to the users. We believe that all it takes is one great idea. We take your great idea and transform it with our design and development expertise into a game that is worthy of your idea. Our expert and experienced team boasts of innovative and creative designers and developers. Furthermore, the team’s business acumen in the iPad game development space allows them to design and develop games for you that are sticky and induces repeat play, monetizing the game with in-app purchases and enhancing your ROI.