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iPhone App Development

Globally, there has been a steady increase in the sale of iPhones. In March 2015 alone 700 million iPhones were sold. It just goes to show the huge market that exists in iPhone users alone, a market that you don’t want to miss. Making iPhone applications is a sure fire way of increasing your customer base.

The end objective of the any application is enhancing revenue, and that is exactly what is expected from the iPhone app too. At Mobit, we make it our prime responsibility to create apps that are financially viable and add to your bottom line.

A person spend an average of 3 to 4 hours on their iPhone daily. If you consider the usage of just the teenagers, the time is much higher. We create apps to maximize the share of the time a customer spends on the iPhone. This creates a stickiness for the app and converts the users into buyers. This is the most effective marketing technique and all companies are latching onto it. If you haven't already, you need to take the plunge now!

At Mobit, we use our exceptional skills and state-of-the-art tools to build apps for you that leverage customer interest, buying and advocacy. Our designs are alluring with easy to use interface, which attracts customers to repeatedly use the app. The flexibility and effectiveness of the apps created for the iPhone has companies from all industries, such as e-retail, banking, airlines, mobile telephony and hospitality, ensuring they are present on the iPhone. We realize the potential and can tap its benefits for you, customizing to your industry and specifically for your business.
Strategy to Build a Perfect App
There are no second chances for creating a lasting impression on the Customer. You have to get it right on the first go itself. At Mobit, we know this, and work with you,contributing to your inputs, to generate a design that is so attractive to the customer they cant resist using it. But that’s only the first step in our strategy to get the customer into the door. Now comes the part where you retain the customer. build an app for you that is user friendly with semantically accurate icons and a layout that seamlessly adapts to any device. A comfortable and transparent UI make it effortless for the customer to navigate and optimizes their experience. Colors that blend and match to the app and to your corporate colours is an aspect that is soothing to the eyes and makes it the use of the app even more comfortable.

Our App Designers are cognizant of the clients requirements as well as the end customer’s needs and design the apps keeping these aspects in mind. There is no compromise on the aesthetics of the app because for the customer this is an extremely important aspect of an app. The colour schemes, the layout, the appealing icons, all go into the customer using and sharing the app, and increasing the user base.
We don’t just build apps, we build relationships; our relationship with our clients, their relationship with the customer and the customer’s relationship with an addictive app.
An application is only a conduit to a lasting relationship between our client and their customer. Once that link is firm, business is improved and revenues increase. With our expertise, we create applications that enable our clients to leverage this opportunity.

We understand the urgency of getting an app into the market at the earliest and we work with stringent timelines, turning around project quickly and accurately at a cost that is viable for you. Designing, developing, implementing and maintaining your application is our responsibility and we take that entire burden off you.

We Deliver:
  • Heightened Customer experience
  • Stress-free application development to maintenance for the client

At Mobit we have a team of developers that are capable of creating a host of different applications for various businesses and uses. Some of the prominent kinds of apps we develop, but not limited to, are:
  • Games
  • Social Media
  • Health
  • Multimedia
  • Music
  • Finance

At Mobit, we follow a stringent process to ensure seamless and accurate understanding and development. Our process minimizes rework and improve the time to market for your application. A face-to-face interaction with the client to study the business in depth allows for a better understanding requirements from the application, the needs of the end customer and the correlation between the two. Applications fail to attract the customer when they lack synergy between the features of the application and the expectations of the user.

We then present the client with a schematic of the application and only after a discussion and final approval do we put our developers to single-mindedly focus on creating the application. Using tools such as Xcode, Json, iOS Virtual Machine and iOS Simulator, we are committed to deliver the application within the shortest feasible and agreed timeline. The applications use frameworks such as, address book, audio tool box, Core Data, Core Location, Map Kit, Media Tool Box, Message UI, Open GLES, Twitter, and a host of others.

The Mobit team is committed and dedicated and approach every application they develop with they same enthusiasm as they did for their first application.This keeps the innovation alive and flowing in each application, giving the client more than they asked for – exceeding customer satisfaction.
Besides the many minor advantages, the 4 major ones are:
  • Larger Customer Base: 700 million users of iPhone worldwide, and counting.
  • Higher Visibility: More users sharing application will improve its visibility
  • Increased Sales: Opportunity of sales improve due to the large customer base
  • Easily Customizable: Easily adapts to new OS upgrades, or evolving business needs. It can also integrate with other iPhone apps.

Avail of our expertise in iPhone app development and create an app that supplements your business, your brand and your revenue, while retaining customers and enhancing their experience.