Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is a productivity platform from Microsoft that encases all the factors of business to offer stability, transparency and scalability to empower your organization in this dynamic and socially connected world.
SharePoint introduces organizations and its people to innovative ways of working by sharing work and information, organizing teams and projects to achieve new heights in productivity, leading to a better ROI.
Mobit has very unique capabilities in providing Enterprise SharePoint Services. It ranges from consulting to strategy, capacity planning, design, implementation, development, governance, and training. We have tremendous expertise in customized SharePoint Development across multiple industries. Our experts can guide you to use SharePoint in ways that will improve your business manifold. Our dedicated SharePoint team has extensive experience, giving us the advantage of effectively delivering SharePoint projects of varying complexity. The competent team of professionals at Mobit is infused with all the required skill sets to deliver services that are best in class.

Our services integrate; consulting, development, implementation and maintenance of SharePoint applications. To maximize the SharePoint platforms full potential our services include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Content Management System Development
  • SharePoint consultancy
  • Setting up and developing portals
  • Development of custom business logic
  • Development of business process applications
  • Development of SharePoint as document management system
  • Integration of FAST search server
  • Development of InfoPath and workflow
  • Custom web parts Development
  • Migration of SharePoint versions
  • Support and training

At Mobit, we customize and implement SharePoint solutions with research, design, development. Our team assists you in every aspect of implementing and utilizing SharePoint. We configure and install the solution, create of customized business workflows, SQL server reports, dashboards, extra-net and intranet website management, business process integration and analysis and automation, and migration/up-gradation of the existing SharePoint site.

  • BI Solutions: We equip you with competent reporting tools to assist with creating visually-rich Business Intelligence dashboards that have summaries, charts, and visual graphics and are scalable.
  • Process and Workflow: We focus on the core process of your organization amd manage its compliance, acutely aware that it drives your profitability.
  • Collaboration: The self-service portals let your teams create online workspaces tailored to your organization's needs. It also manages document revisions, controlling the ambiguity of multiple email versions. Documents created from templates ensure that your team uses the best and most recent version.
  • Enterprise Search: The search capabilities of SharePoint give you similar features and indexing abilities as seen in major internet search engines. Search results can be accessed from any number of web sites, shared drives and also online business applications. SharePoint search inherits your Windows security policy so search results can only be accessed accordign to the given access protocols.
  • Excel Services: The creation of interactive workbooks and reports falls under SharePoint Excel services. These workbooks are accessible from anywhere and assist in research and analysis for better business decision making.
Our expert and experienced SharePoint dedicated team is proficient in tackling all kinds of enterprise requirements. We offer effective and customized SharePoint development solutions to optimize the core competency and performance of the platform, contributing to your success.