Mobile Device Management

MDM, or Mobile Device Management, deals with the administration of mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, in organizations. The administrative aspect encompasses integrating, monitoring, securing and managing the devices. MDM optimizes security and functionality of the mobile devices in the environment of the organization.

The trend of integrating mobile devices into enterprise networks is on an upward swing, and show’s no sign of letting up. Mobile devices are pushing into the domain of the computer and this calls for them to have better security to their systems and integration through MDM software.
MDM Development
Mobit develops MDM software that will allow your administrators to manage mobile devices for optimal performance for the user. Our expertise in enterprise solutions, end to end, includes MDM as a vital component. We develop the MDM application to include data security tools, file sharing and synchronization, app management, and support for all mobile devices, personal or company-owned.

With years of experience and successful development and deployment across industries, the MDM tool created by us includes these salient features:
  • Compatibility with all mobile operating platforms and all mobile devices.
  • Has the ability to function across multiple service providers.
  • OTA implementation of the application is possible and preferred.
  • Geared to deploy next-gen operating platforms, applications and hardware.
  • Managing mobile devices to optimize security and efficiency of corporate network.

MDM Security

At Mobit we are acutely aware and concerned about the quality of security we provide in our MDM product. The following aspects are a must and a minimum in our MDM solutions:

  • Enforced encryption on all mobile devices allowed access on the corporate network
  • Secure PIN for all mobile devices, which can also be used by the administrator to lock select devices.
  • In case of theft or loss of mobile device, remote clean wipe of the device is possible.
  • Controlled access of data being received or sent by a mobile device.
  • Detection and blocking of rooted devices attempting to install unauthorized software that may change the OS.

There are also many other non-security features that are commonly used, such as VPN integration, Wi-Fi policies, GPS tracking and certificate management, to name a few.
Advantages of MDM:
The MDM is the backbone of the secure interactions of mobile devices with the corporate network and it has a number of benefits.
With years of experience and successful development and deployment across industries, the MDM tool created by us includes these salient features:
  • All devices connected to the network are tracked in real time.
  • Text messages sent to devices within the network are without charge.
  • Lost or stolen devices can be remotely locked and wiped clean of all corporate data.
  • Safe transfer of data between the mobile device and the server.
  • Strong password policy protects device and data on the corporate server, even remotely.
  • Audit of application, call logs, and messages to ensure data safety.

The Mobit MDM solution helps you to improve productivity, enhance efficiency and optimize security.