Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

The Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) is the foundation of creating an Enterprise Mobile Application. It has a dual purpose of providing and environment and tools to develop the Enterprise Mobile Application. The MEAP helps to deliver multi-mobile device and multi- operating platform applications, which is more feasible for a company than building standalone applications for multiple devices and operating platforms. Once developed, the MEAP can be run on all operating platforms, be it iOS, Android, Windows or any other. It saves on time, effort and cost of porting an application to multiple operating platforms.
Mobit offers you an MEAP platform that will speed up the design process of your enterprise application, its development and deployment, and manage all iterations in schedule to meet release timelines. The platform will also support cross-operating platform mobile applications seamlessly. The MEAP developed by us will allow a faster development of mobile apps using fewer resources.
The MEAP we build for you will have a responsive UI with an easy functionality to drag and drop device widgets such as Geo-Location, Camera, Barcode Scanner and many more, directly into your app. It gets your app ready for all app stores, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and more.
A company urgently needs an MEAP solution if it meets the Rule of 3.
   1. Do you need a solution that works with 3 or more mobile operating platforms?
   2. Does your application have to work on 3 or more different mobile devices?
   3. Does your application need 3 or more back-end data sources?

If you meet these criteria then it is imperative to implement a MEAP project at the earliest for better business traction.
  • It supports multiple mobile devices and operating systems
  • It offers an extremely high level of security
  • It can be run on the Cloud
  • It can manage local and remote data
  • It can also integrate with other external devices, besides mobile devices, such as credit card readers, scanners and printers.
Applications developed on Mobit’s MEAP are accessible from anywhere, any time, only limited by the capacity of your own business platform.
Build apps for any device with an MEAP developed by Mobit. Our platform gives you unparalleled flexibility and speed to deliver multi-device and multi-channel applications. Our experienced professionals work diligently in close proximity with you to develop an MEAP that suits your requirements.