Node.js Application Development

Node.js is a new open-source platform to build fast, real-time and scalable network applications. It is an event-driven, server-side JavaScript framework and has a footprint across different OS. It is designed to handle the demands of the modern Web. Node.js is a platform built on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, which provides it great speed.
Mobit’s Node.js development services team has extensive expertise in Node.js. The team undergoes refresher trainings to stay aligned in the improvements made to Node.js and the increasing scope of its various applicability. We assist organizations to build scalable mobile and web applications. Our developers are versatile in developing solutions with Node.js that assist you in achieving business goals.

  • Extremely Agile: Based on JavaScript at the backend, it defines the agility of Node.js. To make its performance faster, it runs on Google V8 JavaScript engine that assembles libraries directly to perform I/O.
  • Extensive Node Package Manager: Node.js is an open-source technology that manages inbuilt package using the NPM tool available by default with every installation.
  • Effective Data Streaming: The streams in I/O based applications can be easily managed using node.js.
  • Web app development simplified: The uniformity of JavaScript usage in both client-side and server-side results in effective and swift synchronization process.
Node.js is the perfect technology partner to be used by software architects. It has numerous benefits:
  • A high performance, low cost technology solution for business applications
  • The event-driven processing and asynchronous architecture of Node.js make the applications extremely scalable
  • Manages concurrency and locking issues
  • Lightweight and can be modified very easily
  • Comes in many packages and extensions
  • Has a low-level API  
  • Designed for the cloud
  • Development with Node.js saves time and cost

With all these benefits in place, and possibly more to come, Node.js will play a huge part in the future of internet-connected devices, also known as The Internet of Things.

  • Portal development
  • Customized app development
  • Interactive app development
  • Web APIs
  • Content management tool
  • AJAX development
  • Heavy load Web apps
  • Real-time chat apps
  • Plug-Ins development
  • Application & System dashboard