PhoneGap Application Development

For those organizations that want their application to be present and accessible across all mobile devices on all platforms, PhoneGap is the answer. Applications developed on PhoneGap are built platform agnostic, allowing them to be used for all operating systems including iOS, Windows, Android and blackberry.
The PhoneGap application developer is an open source technology that is web-based and allows programmers to use HTML, JavaScript or CSS in a Cloud Compiler to generate the applications. The simplicity of not being aligned to an operating system induces the need for competent application development to be usable on all OS mobile devices in a single development.
At Mobit we have been developing applications on PhoneGap ever since its inception in late 2009. The takeover of PhoneGap by Adobe in 2011 has only strengthened the program and added convenient features for developing even more appealing applications. Staying abreast of the evolving technology, we have developed a number of successful applications using PhoneGap.

One of the salient aspects to be aware of is that applications made on PhoneGap are hybrid. This is because the applications are not true native mobile applications as their layouts are rendered using a Web view rather than the UI of the mobile OS on which it is to run. The application is also not purely a Web app because it is accessed by APIs of native mobile devices. This complexity requires a proficiency that Mobit programmers have to work on PhoneGap applications.

At Mobit we have a team of developers that are capable of creating a host of different applications for various businesses and uses. Some of the prominent kinds of apps we develop, but not limited to, are:
  • Games
  • Social Media
  • Health
  • Multimedia
  • Music
  • Finance

As a process driven organization, we believe the structure of a process results in improved productivity and efficiency. There is a 7-step process we follow to ensure accurate and timely application development and deployment.
  • Understanding your organization, its business, application requirement, target audience and the objective of the application. All this information is documents to avoid ambiguity and loss of information.
  • A concept of the PhoneGap application, based on the inputs and specification received, is made. During this stage, applying our experience and expertise, we also include recommendations and raise flags on dubious requirements. This is to improve the project at the documentation stage itself. This is an attempt to avoid rework once the application is developed, which would be cost intensive and time consuming.
  • A discussion is conducted on the model to finally freeze on the requirements, specifications, timelines and milestones. All the information is documented and signed-off before commencing development. This puts both of us on the same page.
  • The actual PhoneGap application development commences and progress is monitored as per milestones and timelines. This is when the application is coded using the appropriate technologies, tools and strategies.
  • The test process is the most critical and stringent. This is to eliminate bugs in the application.
  • This is the launch phase after the PhoneGap application is ready and tested.
  • This is an extremely step and must never be taken. Monitor the usage of the application and receive feedback on its behaviour in a live environment. Critical feedbacks are incorporated immediately. Other improvement feedbacks are documented for the next version of the app.

Mobit brings you the best in technology, experience, expertise and design to develop your application for optimal business benefit. This 5-step process ensures precision work and delivery of very high quality.
Though the biggest advantage of using PhoneGap is its freedom from being bound to a single operating system, there are also other benefits that come from using it.
  • A wider footprint that includes customers that use mobile devices of all the different platforms.
  • It has a single code development requirement that works out economically than creating separate apps for each operating system.
  • It supports any and every kind of app in the market and of the future.
  • Because it has a single code development, the time to market is quicker, giving you a competitive edge.

Developing apps that are free of the shackles of operating systems is the way of the future, and PhoneGap is the way to go.