Responsive Web Development

Screen sizes across any and all mobile devices are different. Yet all the users view the same content of a website as easily and completely on different devices. What makes that possible? Simple, they all have gone responsive. Mobile web usage is exponential and it presents tremendous opportunity. A website, not optimized for usage with a mobile device, stands to lose huge opportunities and business revenue.
Over the past few years, design has become responsive, and has turned into a device agnostic approach to deliver content to users. From a Mobile to a HDTV, a responsive website will adjust automatically to the screen size.
Responsive website design can drastically cut down on development time and cost. A responsive website uses a single URL, single content, and one HTML code to optimize a website according to the screen size and resolution. Rather than spending the time and resources to build a separate mobile website, the single responsive website design allows you to optimize your business for both the mobile and desktop. Responsive design also makes it easier for search engines to understand and serve your content.
Mobit has an experienced team of web designers to develop the kind of website suitable for your business and usable across all devices. The team uses tools and technology, such as flexible grid-based layouts, media queries, and flexible images & media to improve the accessibility of the website.
It is a prudent decision to contract Mobit to manage your Responsive Web Developments, as it comes with numerous benefits, some of which are:
  • Consulting and development services to design, develop and market the site to increase online visibility.
  • Continuous communication to understand challenges and resolve expeditiously
  • Combine resources of our cross0discipline teams to deliver a solution for your success
  • Design, develop, implement and maintain a single website for all devices

We, at Mobit, are here to execute and deliver your campaigns exactly as you desire. Our focus remains on creating, with Responsive Web Design and a strong Mobile App, a mobile-friendly and effective website that will assist your marketing strategy to influence band image, boost sales and improve ROI.

  • Scalable: It adapts to the ever changing technology environment, guaranteeing website performance of a consistent quality.
  • User Experience: Its adaptability ensures an amazing UX
  • Simple Management: Having one website for all devices makes it very simple and easy to manage.
  • Optimize SEO: As it is a single content in a single domain, setting up optimal SEO is easy.
  • Cost Saving: It is cost effective as only one website needs to be made for all devices, rather that individuals ones for each device.