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Services to SME and Start-Up Business

Businesses at a nascent stage or of a smaller size, need to be swift and efficient to grow exponentially. They also require agility, in-depth architecture understanding and productive solutions to stay abreast with the frenzied pace of the market.


At Mobit is just the partner for you – we understand your situation and needs. Our experience provides solutions to leverage your business expansion.
We partner with you to develop a prototype to share with potential investors and seed funds. Right from documenting your concept to selecting the technology stack and right up to developing the prototype, Mobit supports you every step of the way.


Time to market is a key factor to the success of your project. Once the product features and requirements are confirmed, we align with you to set up an agile team that creates the project and sprint plans. We confirm the technology stack to ensure the right development of the product. The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is firmed up and executed accordingly to ensure specific and timely delivery. Our team works in tandem with you, from the mock-up to the final product, incorporating iterations to ensure a robust product with an amazing user experience.

Services for Business in Expansion Mode

Mobit aligns its delivery strategy to the stage of maturity of your business. Growing businesses invariably already have a product and are challenged by ever expanding and evolving technology. This requires products to be upgraded and enhanced to the newly available feature of the newer versions of operating platforms.
It is Mobit’s endeavour to enhance your product’s UI to deliver an exceptional UX. For growing organizations the UI and UX are essential factors for their new products as well as existing products, to deliver a great CX.


Change is the only constant, and companies that believe in this idiom have the fastest path to growth and success. Existing products continually need to be upgraded with additional features, modules and applicability to sustain market position and a competitive edge.
Though product enhancement is leveraged on the existing environment of the product we manage each project with the same focused dedication as that of a new product project. All our project begin with assessing the requirements of the product enhancement and subsequently creating the project and sprint plans. From here on the steps are same as for a new project; developing the product, testing and finally release and monitoring performance.


New products are an essential part of a company’s growth plan, creating new revenue streams and improving their share of wallet from their customers. We have the expertise to guide companies to develop new products on their existing platform and technology stack to control cost of development.
Paying immense attention to documenting details of the company’s requirement, we delve into the specifics of market appetite and customer needs. Our effort is to optimize the opportunities for your success.

Our steps to the development of a new product are:

  • Documenting a project implementation plan
  • Aligning the technology stack
  • Creating a usable prototype
  • Using methodologies such as Scrum and Agile, develop and test the product, iteratively
  • Create all documentation that support the product
  • Deploy the product and monitor performance

Services for Mature Companies

As a mature companies, you already have a bouquet of products that require maintenance and ongoing enhancements. Your requirements hinge on aspects such as redesigning of the UI or UX, cloud migrations and re-engineering of current products. You need a technology partner that has strong execution capabilities and a flexible model for engagement with modularized services and agility to ramp expeditiously on your requests.
Mobit is experienced in delivering these services that depend on expertise and agility to complement the pace, dexterity and vigor of mature organizations and products.


With the evolution of technology, it becomes imperative to migrate robust products to contemporary platforms to keep up with the times. Products often need migration from in-house to the cloud, mainframe to the web, Android/iphone to html5, or on-premise to on-demand. The Mobit Transition Model help your company to re-engineer and transition your products swiftly and seamlessly, without letting the customer experience drop.


The customer always wants something new and different and you have to keep up with their expectations. Revising your product to replace or re-design certain features or aspects give the product a new and enhanced feel, keeping the customer intrigued and engaged. Product revision not only keeps your product up-to-date, it also works as a customer loyalty tool. At Mobit, we not only help you make the revisions to the product, but also contribute suggestions that are technologically driven to accentuate its delivery and appeal.


All products need ongoing maintenance and support to ensure they continue to perform optimally. While we provide all 3 levels of support, our product support methodology includes SLA compliance, continuous process improvement and knowledge management to provide a holistic support solution.


Quality Control (QC) is one of the ways to ensure its longevity. Mature companies lay a huge amount of stress on the criticality of testing the product before roll-out and perpetuates the vital aspect of QC during all phases of the product life cycle.
We have a stringent testing methodology and a robust QC framework. It works within the parameters of your organization’s processes to deliver the level of quality expected by you. From test plans, to implementation of knowledge management tools, establishing QC metrics for quality excellence; we do it all for you at Mobit.
Automating the QC process is a recommendation to our clientele, as it enhances quality while reducing the cycle-time. The automated QC module generates a periodic MIS to keep management informed about the quality standard of the product.

App Development

Mobit has a lot of experience and expertise in creating a number of different kinds of apps for various operating platforms. We leverage the strengths of each platform to develop apps that have optimized features and usability, creating a profitable venture for our clients.

iPhone App development

Our expertise in the iOS platform allows us to create applications for the iPhone and iPad that are simple with a friendly UI that allows for effortless navigation. Apps created for the iPhone and the iPad are the next-gen marketing tools applied by most successful companies. Easy flexible and effective, the app contributes to growing your customer base

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iPad App development

In 2014 alone, fifteen million iPads were bought. WE create customized iPad applications to give you leverage over the huge user base of this device. The device favorably displays all kinds of apps, from social media to entertainment and finance.

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Android App development

We exploit the characteristics and functionalities of the robust Android platform to design and create apps that will enable you to leverage the use of the app for adding value to your business. Our objective is to translate the functionalities of the app into better ROIs for your company.

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Blackberry App development

There are almost 40 million users of the blackberry in global corporates. The platform’s robustness and encryption security is unparalleled. Besides the regular apps on blackberry, we also create apps for its Playbook that is run on QNX Neutrino microkernel architecture with outstanding functionalities

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Windows App development

Windows is used by many users and developing your app compatible for the windows platform will add a substantial user base to your business. At Mobit we have a lot of collective experience in developing a variety of apps for desktops, laptops and phones using the Windows operating system.

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Game App Development

The team at Mobit has been in the game app space for along time, developing games for all the different platforms. Games created by us have a life-like environment for exciting visuals adaptable to all screens sizes and resolutions with astounding sound quality. We put our games through stringent quality test to ensure the fluidity of the game, which enhances the gaming experience for the player.

iPhone Game development

Over 55% of the apps int e AppStore are games. That is the level of interest that games generate for the end user. Mobit has the expertise to create games that have had huge number of downloads and player because of their astonishing visuals, true-to-life environment and mesmerizing sound effects.

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iPad Game development

A touch sensitive wide screen large display makes the iPad the preferred device to play games on, besides watching movies. Developing a gaming app for the iPad is profitable because of its high user-base and their propensity to buy off the AppStore.

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Android Game development

The android platform users have the largest base in the mobilephone space. There is immense opportunity to create and popularize a game app on Android in comparison to any other platform. To add to that, the android game apps are relatively less expensive to develop, so the ROI on investing in the app is much higher.

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Facebook Game development

Game developers of facebook game apps have generated over two billion dollars in 2012. The user base of facebook continues to grow exponentially, allowing game apps the avenue for even bigger profits.

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Web App Development

Every member of the Mobit team is very conversant with the development of web apps. We offer a wide range of web technological solutions that are innovative and forward thinking. Our assurance to deliver solutions par excellence is the hallmark of our commitment to support your growth and success.

.NET Software development

For businesses, .Net is the ideal development software because of its lower deployment and maintenance cost over a period of time. Besides, it is also an effective software for creating solutions that are robust for your customers and profitable for you.

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PHP web development

PHP, being an open source platform, it allows for the implementation of swift and flexible solutions. It is also the most widely used and accepted scripting language by developers globally for it numerous options and capabilities.

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Phone gap app development

Our dexterity in Phone Gap app development allows you to have apps that are cross-platform, giving your customers complete access to you. Though Phone Gap is an open source framework, it requires expertise to develop apps that can be utilized with it.

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Digital Marketing

We deliver a plethora of digital marketing services to assist the promotion of your business.


Search Engine Optimization to increase the number of visitors and improve visibility of your website.

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Search Engine Marketing to increase visibility of your website listing in search engine result pages (SERP)

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Advertising: Advertising through websites that generate revenue per click by a visitor.

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Social Media Optimization gains traffic through various social media sites.

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Online Reputation Management to assess the reputation of the organization using SEO to determine positive and negative responses.

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Web Analytics

Assessing optimization of website usage by collating, measuring aanlysing and reporting on visits to your website.

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